For those foreigners who are willing to register a company in Ukraine!

The company registration in Ukraine by a foreign citizen is carried out on the same grounds as for citizens of Ukraine (the cost and duration of registration are the same).

The exception is that a foreign citizen needs to obtain an identification code (tax number) to star a procedure of registration.

However, such a founder will not be able to take the post of Director in this company without a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine (as he does not have a “resident” status).

In this case, he is to get a job permit for himself or to hire a person with the Ukrainian citizenship or to hire any foreigner with the “resident” status for this post.

The procedure for obtaining a permit for the foreign citizens employment (job employment) takes up to 7 business days and costs UAH 10,452 (official government expenditures).

Those investors whose shares in the authorized capital of the company is NOT less than 100 000 euros do not need to get such permit for the foreign citizens employment and are entitled to a get a permanent residence permit in Ukraine!